Travel the Mind

At Travel the Mind Counselling, I work with clients by assisting them to overcome life’s inevitable challenges, enabling you to grow and change, to live a more aware, connected and fulfilling life.

I have worked mentoring staff for over 20 years, watching them realise their purpose and balance their lives by prioritising who and what they love doing. After a personal experience of child loss, I began my journey of curiosity towards the array of tough emotions our life path can bring and the exploration of life and death journey in an open minded perspective.

I specialise in Grief and Loss, Career Mentoring, Purpose and Personal Growth, Death Exploration and Meaning, Anxiety and Spiritual Exploration for teens and adults.

Diploma of Counselling & Diploma of Regression Therapy and Level 1 Australian Counselling Association Membership.

Travel the Mind Services

Counselling Sessions for Teens (45mins) and Adults (50mins). Specialising in Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Career Mentoring, Purpose and Personal Growth, Death Exploration and Meaning, Spiritual Exploration.

If you would like to pay on the day of your appointment, book by emailing – marie@travelthemind.com or messaging 04 2222 5035

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Other Travel the Mind Services

Grief and Loss Connection

Be held and nurtured through your grief or loss journey exploring the many ways of healing and honouring your loved one. Learn to connect to their love and walk with them as you take the next step forward through meditation, automatic writing, journaling and other healing practices.

Each session is 45 minutes at $90 per session or call me to create a group session in person or via Zoom.

Travel the Mind Book

Travel the Mind Children’s Book is a bedtime meditation book to reimagine the bedtime experience. Teach the child in your life, the values of calming your mind with guided meditations to reduce anxiety, assist with grief and loss and encourage imagination.

Journeying, Hypnosis & Regression Therapy

As a certified PLR & Life Between therapist, I work with you to access the wisdom of your subconscious mind or higher self. Under hypnosis, you travel into the space between waking life and consciousness to unlock your inner guidance, heal a trauma, find your purpose or connect with a loved one.

Contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss how this may best work for you. To book your free phone consult email marie@travelthemind.com

Belief Exploration

Give yourself the gift of Spiritual Space. Speak with someone and explore in a non-judgemental space how spirituality serves you. What are your beliefs? What beliefs exist? Perhaps explore your fear of death?

Each session is 45 minutes at $70 per session.

Retreats and Journeys

COMING SOON……..When we can safely travel in our world again! People who have walked the same path, nature and personal exploration are our biggest teachers. Our retreats and journeys will focus on these important elements to bring us new perspective, healing and growth.


“My experience with the session was incredible, exciting, emotional, strange, awesome. I felt safe and very protected. I’ve had a couple of major shifts afterwards, good things & become aware of things I would like to work on. I will be a customer for life”.

Lauren P.

Book a 15 minute phone call to discuss which service may be of most benefit to you by contacting Marie on:

Email: marie@travelthemind.com.au

Message on: +61 4 2222 5035