Why Regression Therapy?

Seven years ago I was stressed, I had two young daughters who were 6 and 4, so I was trying to be a present Mother. I worked part-time in an executive role, trying to focus when I was at work and I was married, so I was trying to be a good partner (not to mention catching up with friends, trying to exercise and eat healthy somewhere in the mix too). It is little wonder my body and mind had enough and I developed anxiety.

At first, it was generalise health anxiety, but overtime it became very specific and I developed a fear of Alzheimer’s. I tried traditional therapy and it didn’t seem to be working for me. One day I read an article about a local Regression Therapist who specialised in alleviating fears and phobias. I decided I had nothing to lose by trying this mode of therapy.

When I arrived I was apprehensive of what to expect. Would she make me dance like a chicken when I was under hypnosis, would I remember anything, is this some sort of hocus pocus I shouldn’t be meddling with? What I experienced is beyond what I could have imagined.

Firstly, the hypnosis or trance state that you are in, is just like being in a deep meditation where you are still able to answer the therapist. I was extremely relaxed by the time I opened a door and found myself in a past life scene. It was like a movie was playing in front of me (although others sometimes experience just words, sentances or feelings) and in this particular life I was in the war and my life ended with….you guessed it, Alzheimer’s.

My next life pertained to a situation where I stuck between wanting to be with my children and providing for them where I worked as a Nanny for another family, creating a close bond with the child and disappointing my own children.

After my life ended, I was in a state of “in between” the lives. In this space I was given advice (this is me talking about what thoughts I was hearing and thinking from myself and what seemed like other energies in that space. The advice was that I needed to start my own business that enabled myself and other women to spend more time with their children (this was important, be present) and within 5 years, something significant would happen which would mean I would change to my true work, which was helping others through healing work.

I had already been contemplating starting my own business, so this to me, didn’t surprise me and I could easily draw parallels to the past lives I had experienced and the issues I had been facing in my current life. At the very least I was incredibly impressed with my subconscious mind being able to create these complex movies that played out my current issues.

What happened next, was something I wasn’t expecting nor ready for. I walked out of there and never worried about Alzheimer’s again. I started a business that gave flexible working conditions for women and had extra time and holidays with my children, allowing me to be flexible and present. 5 years after that my thriving $5 million travel business failed due to Covid, I started to remember the session and the advice I was given…about changing to wellness/healing.

Then I experienced my dark night of the soul when my beautiful 11 year old daughter suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at school one day. This grounded my heart and my soul, echos of the advice to be present with my children 5 years before, made me grateful I drank in as much of them as I could. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Why had I known on some level? Why couldn’t I stop it? All questions that required deep sadness and exploration.

And as things do, one situation lead me to another and over time I felt compelled to give this same experience to others by training as a Regression Therapist. I hope that by clients taking some time to have a conversation with themselves, they will heal something that is holding them back, grow and perhaps receive some information that will help guide them in their future.

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