Travel the Mind is about finding the answers for yourself and your journey from within. For 40 years I have travelled the world, experiencing different cultures, understanding new traditions, researching belief systems, religions and meeting people of all walks of life. I have always been curious, searching for answers about our existence and what it means to be alive here on earth. What I have come to learn is “that the best map is useless, if we can’t find ourselves” (Mansionair).

Regression Therapy looks at any patterns of anxiety, fears and emotions that you would like to explore using your inner knowledge. You will connect with your higher self and through hypnosis, find the origins of what you are experiencing by exploring them in a past life setting. Often the storyline of the past life will help you unlock a deeper understanding and ability to contextualise how they affect your current life.

Between Life space gives you a chance to connect with your higher self, through quieting the mind in hypnotherapy. In this space the best person to give you advice, is yourself. Find your purpose, ask questions and receive advice from now and into the future. You will be surprised at what you have to tell yourself!

After my own grief and loss journey losing my daughter, I have used many different methods to continue my connection. I can assist you with journalling, automatic writing, journey meditations and more. These strategies will assist you in developing a new relationship with your loved one, connecting to your heart and mind.

Finally, we are living in changed times where we are questioning the truth of our reality. Taking the time out to form your ideas and opinions on the nature of your existence is important. Belief Space sessions let you explore multiple theories around your spirituality, giving you the chance to speak openly in a non-dogmatic way helping you find “your” centre.

I look forward to helping you on your Journey,